For Youth Empowerment

Teaching Life Skills through Play-Based Education

We teach life skills & lessons in the United States and in developing countries that empower youth to manage their mental & physical health. We use play-based education so kids can experience the lessons and skills we teach. We also teach games that encourage movement, laughter & friendship. 

​      Topics we teach:

  • Emotional intelligence & self-regulation

  • The three types of happiness

  • Screen addiction & how addiction works in general

  • The 10 habits of a joyful human

  • Espousing the importance of yoga & meditation for overall health & happiness

  • That our greatest moments of joy come with other people, not a screen


Ghana 2021

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Costa Rica 2020

We travel internationally to bring our life skills & life lessons to youth in developing countries, as well as teach games that encourage movement, laughter, & friendship. We have brought our program to schools & or orphanages in Kyrgyzstan, Costa Rica & Ghana.

Kyrgyzstan 2018

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Ghana 2021

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Teacher Training in Costa Rica 2020

For Community Cohesion

Community cohesion refers to the aspect of togetherness and bonding exhibited by members of a community, the "glue" that holds a community together.


Fun Fields

Fun Fields are free events hosted by volunteers in outdoor spaces where sports equipment and other playful items are provided, as well as games from the Fun-Raising Volunteers who run the Fun Fields. Participants are encouraged to play and socialize with others in their community.

We are looking for volunteers in Davis who want to help us run this Fun Field, and other Fun Fields that will be regional (One in East Davis, West, etc.)

Or if you'd like to see FunFields in your town/city, please contact us!

Other Events 

We put on events throughout the year as well as promote other playful or community engagement events happening in the area of Yolo County & Northern California.


You learn more about someone in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.


For Finding Joy in Movement & Others

Primally Playful Workshops


  • Primal Movement

  • Primal Combatives

  • Primal Bonding

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