Play Pilgrimages Abroad

Life Skills through Play Pilgrimage

Mexico & Guatemala     3.09-4.20.2022

Teaching life skills and lessons on happiness, through play to youth in Mexico City and Uspantan, Guatemala.

We are midway through this Play Pilgrimage. We put on 5 workshops in Mexico City and will be putting on many more in Uspantan, Guatemala.

We are looking to fundraise the last $6,000 for this play pilgrimage. One of the projects you will be supporting is a seeds project in Uspantan, one of the poorest regions in the country. Money will go to help buy seeds for 10 different villages around Uspantan. They have master farmers in each, who know sustainable agriculture practices. All they need is the seeds!

We would appreciate any support you could provide:


Ghana     3.25-4.25.2021

The first week I volunteered with ThinkKindness, a nonprofit that inspires measurable acts of kindness in schools and communities around the world. We finished a fenced-in garden project and a water delivery project in an orphanage in a rural community in Eastern Ghana.

The 3 weeks following I taught healthy habits and life skills through games to two orphanages and four schools. We also supplied them with sports equipment.

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Costa Rica                      Jan-March  2020

Working in the Osa Peninsula, we trained 30 teachers on how to use play in the classroom to make learning more effective, dynamic, and fun. They’ll be able to use their new skills to foster a sense of joy in learning to over 700 kids every year.

The Kyrgyz Republic      Sept  2018

We visited 7 different orphanages in Kyrgyzstan, in three different counties. We spread play to over 300 underserved kids. A BIIIIG THANK YOU to all of the donors who made it possible!

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