Youth Services

Fun-Raising Tours or Play Pilgrimages involve traveling to underserved communities to help make the world a more vibrantly healthy and playful place by:


  • Teaching healthy habits & life skills through games

  • Teaching games that encourage laughter, friendship & movement

  • Training educators on how to use play in order to make learning fun and dynamic.


Healthy Habits & Life Skills Through Play

We teach lessons that are not usually taught in schools. Such as lessons on empathy, healthy ways of communicating, anti-bullying, healthy friendships, leadership, the importance of drinking enough water, etc. We are flexible and create lessons in order to be able to meet the specific needs of the given institutions we work with. We teach leadership among youth in orphanages, so that by the time we are done with them, they are leading the weekly play sessions, making our work sustainable.

Play in the Classroom

We are not only made to laugh with each other, we are also made to learn through play. By training educators on how to use play in order to enliven their classrooms and lessons, we not only make the classrooms more fun, but we help strengthen the education system.

We mainly work with communities in developing countries, though also open to 'Fun-Raise' underserved populations in developed countries. We mainly work with orphanages, boarding homes, and schools but are open to working with other populations. 

Our next Play Pilgrimage: Ghana                           March 25th - April 25th

The first week I will be volunteering with ThinkKindness, another nonprofit that inspires measurable acts of kindness in schools and communities around the world. The first 9 days we'll be building a hydroponic farm for an orphanage. I'll also be taking note of how ThinkKindness runs their volunteer program because we are looking to emulate it. 

The 3 weeks following I will be teaching healthy habits and life skills through games to 2 orphanages and 3 schools, as well as supplying them with sports equipment. We'll be working in rural villages in the East of Ghana outside of the city of Ho.

We are looking to get the last $1800 to fully fund our trip. $800 for toys & sports equipment for orphanages, $600 room, board, and transportation, $400 staff. If you'd like to support by helping us reach that goal, you can click on the donate button on the top or bottom of any page.

Thank you to all the donors, past and future!

Costa Rica                      Jan-March  2020

Working in the Osa Peninsula, we trained 30 teachers on how to use play in the classroom to make learning more effective, dynamic, and fun. They’ll be able to use their new skills to foster a sense of joy in learning to over 700 kids every year.

The Kyrgyz Republic      Sept  2018

We visited 7 different orphanages in Kyrgyzstan, in three different counties. We spread play to over 300 underserved kids. A BIIIIG THANK YOU to all of the donors who made it possible!

Thank you to all of our donors for making it possible!


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Promoting Playful & Kind Communities

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