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Fundraising to make our work
sustainable in Ghana and Guatemala

From February 1st to August 1st, 2024 we will be delivering our Life Skills for Sustainable Happiness Program to over 3,000 vulnerable youth in schools and orphanages in Ghana and Guatemala. We will be training over 15-teachers on how to deliver that program.

Update (5.3.2024)

We trained 102 teachers in Ghana, and are training around 45 in Guatemala. We've brought our program to over 2,000 kids so far and are on course to reach our goals!

One teacher shared this story: "Anderson has family issues at home and he would often get into fights at school and struggled to make friends. After I implemented the happiness program with my class, Anderson rarely fights anymore, he has made friends, and now enjoys coming to school."

We have 8 more schools left to sponsor ($16,000 to go!).

Our goal is to fund our work by August 1st, 2024!

  • $2,000 sponsors one school or orphanage

  • $100 sponsors 8 kids

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Our 5th Life Skills for Sustainable Happiness Pilgrimage in 2023
was our most successful yet!

We delivered our Happiness Program to over 2,500 kids and trained 90 teachers in how to deliver our program. We are forever grateful to our donors, our trajectory changers, who are helping us change the trajectory of the mental and physical health of humans.

In Honor of and in Dedication to

This Life Skills Play Pilgrimage is in honor of and dedicated to three dear friends of our Founder, who have transitioned from this plane to the next. Each friend inspired A Primally Playful Foundation in different ways. If you'd like to dedicate your gift to someone special, we will add them to the wall of dedication.

Tom Burton Photo.png

Thomas Burton

Tom loved & was fascinated by people. He taught me the importance of community & that our greatest moments of joy come from our relationships with others. This is one of the most important lessons we teach on during these Play Pilgrimages & why Tom's spirit lives on through our work.

Alex Dumas Photo.png

Alexandre Dumas 

I served in the Peace Corps with Alex. We both served at orphanages. He was one of the most positive people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. We would brainstorm ways to help others be positive. Alex lives on through the work of A Primally Playful Foundation, we teach what he embodied.


Greg Thompson 

Greg was a good friend and professional mentor. He taught me to have people experience whatever it is I am trying to teach. He, more than anyone, inspired our pedagogy revolving around experiential learning & I know he's there with us as we're teaching these workshops.

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With your gift you will become a trajectory changer. Doing your part in helping change the trajectory of the mental and physical health of humans.

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