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Spreading playfulness to the impoverished & underserved.


Our names are Jared Hippler & Nic Tanner, we are Returned Peace Corps Volunteers who served in the Kyrgyz Republic from 2009-11. We both had life changing experiences while serving. Nic at a school & myself at an orphanage. We taught teachers & co-workers how to use play in education & creating warm & fun work environments & classrooms.

We very much believe & have witnessed the power of play. It is vital to incorporate play into your lifestyle for vibrant health & happiness.


The World is getting smaller, due to climate change & conflict, more & more children are becoming orphans, & more and more people are becoming refugees. 


Our goal is to teach games that get kids moving & laughing with each other. 


Mainly non-verbal games, so language won't be a barrier. We also teach health & life lessons through play & games.


We document play in the form of videos, photos, & Games Menus, so that we can share with the world with the click of a button.



Jared with kids from his orphanage during his service, 2011

Nic with some of the kids from his village, August 14th, 2009

Fun(d)-Raising Tour     The Kyrgyz Republic       Sept 2018

Fun(d)-Raising Tour     Kyrgyzstan       Sept 2018

Jared in the capital square during new year's eve, 2009