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Sustainable Happiness Program

We teach life skills & lessons that empower youth to manage their mental & physical health. We use play-based education so kids can experience the lessons and skills we teach. We also teach games that encourage movement, laughter & friendship. 

​      Topics we teach:

  • Emotional intelligence & self-regulation

  • The three types of happiness

  • Screen addiction & how addiction works in general

  • The 10 habits of a joyful human

  • Espousing the importance of exercise, yoga & meditation for overall health & happiness

  • That our greatest moments of joy come with other people, not a screen


Ghana 2021

KidsPiggyBack copy.png

Costa Rica 2020

The 3 Phases

Ghana Wrkshp school.png

Ghana 2021

Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 6.13.46 AM.png

Teacher Training in Costa Rica 2020

Kyrgyzstan 2018

Phase I.jpg
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With your gift you will become part of the Fun(d)-Raising Team & Community. Not only will you be improving the lives of kids all over the world, but you will also be receiving information on how to make your life as happy, healthy & playful as possible. Truly raising the fun in your life and around the world.

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