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Life Coaching for People Experiencing Homelessness 

There are over 150,000 people experiencing homelessness(PEH) in California, which accounts for over 60% of PEH in the United States. There are many organizations that help with food security for PEH in the US but not as many as far as helping with the mental health side of this population. Mental health is the biggest issue with PEH. The vast majority have subconscious blocks that prevent them from doing whatever it is they need to do to better their situation. Life coaching helps shed a light on those subconscious blocks and or patterns.

Besides delivering life-coaching to PEH in Davis, CA, we will be sharing videos of some of the experiences that this population has gone through, in order to increase empathy in the general population.

We'd like to change the way people treat PEH. What is more painful than lack of food, is having hundreds of people walk by you every day that don't even look at you, that pretend you're invisible, that you don't even exist. We want to encourage people to look PEH in the eyes, to smile at them, to say hi, have some conversations with them, give them some change, to treat them like a human being.

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