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Inspiring the Progress of Humanity through the Power of Play 

Community cohesion & social engagement in the United States and around the world has been on the decline for the past 50 years, drastically in the last 15. Humans are becoming more isolated and sedentary than ever before. We spend more time alone staring at a screen than with other people. This isolated & sedentary lifestyle has serious effects on our health, happiness, and societal well-being.  Over 70% of all human death worldwide is due to lifestyle-related diseases. 

A Primally Playful Foundation was created to change humanity's trajectory by strengthening community bonds through play and inspiring and teaching on the importance of living a more primally connected lifestyle.

  • Promote community cohesion by putting on playful events that encourage people to disengage from their screens, and re-engage with other people.

  • Teach health, and sustainable happiness by teaching life skills and lessons through play-based education that inspires youth to lead a more primally connected lifestyle.


For Youth Empowerment

Teach Life Skills & Lessons through Play-Based Education

We teach life lessons and life skills to youth ages 10-17 that revolve around inspiring kids to live a more primally connected lifestyle. We teach emotional and social intelligence in order to combat the mental health epidemic in the United States, as well as bring our teachings abroad.

For Community Cohesion

Fun Fields & other Events



These free events are where volunteers host a "field" of fun, usually in a park, where sports equipment and other playful items are provided and residents are encouraged to play and socialize with others in their community.

We host & promote other events that encourage community cohesion.

For Finding Joy in Movement & Others

Primally Playful Workshops



These are workshops that teach play-based exercise or team bonding.

  • Primal Combatives

  • Primal Movement

  • Primal Team/Employee/Family Bonding

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